Vultures Row Aviation - Photos - Aircraft Skin Pieces


Major Assemblies

New Nosebowl ribs and skins

Nosebowl ribs and DZus rail

New Aileron hinge cover plates

Complex sheet metal forming

New Wing fairings with spot weld doublers

Machining and fabrication of Corsair spar caps

Corsair Spar Restorations with proven jigs and fixtures

Cockpit/Fuel bay fixture for repair or major overhaul

VRA has 2 sets of corsair wing jigs, 2 LH and 2 RH. We have an extensive wing program that includes all parts and extrusions for building or repairing any level of damage

Outer wing kits or rebuild parts

Outer wing spare webs

New outer wing truss ribs

Spot welding the valley skins on the center section of the corsair gull wing

Corsair Engine Mounts jig for repairing or overhauling