At Vultures Row Aviation we have a mission.

Everybody has a niche in life and we have found ours. It's just not enough to fly airplanes like Cessna's. At Vultures Row Aviation we prefer to fly warbirds and not just any warbird, we fly US NAVY warbirds. And it's just not enough to fly just any US NAVY airplane, we specialize in ones with a Tailhook!

At VRA we have built a restoration facility that brings old school fabrication and new technology together. Our highly skilled metal craftsman can fabricate parts using all the traditional forming and manufacturing methods including English wheel, air planishing hammer, hydraulic/pneumatic shrinker/stretcher, 10' press brake and wood working to make traditional wood formers for rib or bulkhead fabrication. After fabrication using "O" material we have our own in house custom built heat treat oven that can handle up to 53" long parts. In addition we can also anneal "T" material back to "O" state to better form parts. Using our research library of original Microfilm engineering drawings we move forward with technology and layup more complicated parts in today's high tech computers or if needed we can Laser scan parts with a Romar laser arm. After 3D modeling we have several CNC HAAS machines which include a VF-3 vertical mill and a TL-1, both capable of holding extremly small CNC machining tolerances. Our expert machinist with 38 years of solid fabrication experience along with a vast R&D and computer CAD/CAM background can make virtually any part. Our attention to detail at VRA is second to none, and we have the top awards to back it up. For example if your desire is 100% authenticity we will deliver. A few of the many examples are all hardware CAD class I (silver). We can even add the rarely seen inspection/assembly colored dyes on hardware. Brass safety wire, modern day tefzel wire with cotton/lacquer covering, stamped per original markings using the same exact models of machines used in the 1940's. Employee, Inspector and A&R ink markings or metal stamps, including original Alcoa metal markings. VRA has an in house graphics department capable of silk screening, paint mask layouts or making placards of several styles. We pay attention to the details like using the correct fonts or how about using original 1942 metal stamps when marking placards. And when it's all done we don't send airplanes to a paint shop, VRA has a complete in house prep and paint facility. Every part individually or as a larger assembly is prepped and painted with the best aerospace products available or we can use the original WWII primers. We don't use automotive paint, it's just not the best choice for the environment an aircraft is exposed to. If you're interested in learning more please feel free to contact us.
Chuck and Carol Wahl-Owners
Cameron Park, CA. USA.
530 676 9245